5 Manicure Trends Set To Explode in 2022

5 Manicure Trends Set To Explode in 2022

A fresh mani is the perfect way to get in on what’s trending and gain some extra cool points in the process. Which is why clients look to you to not only create unique personalised looks, but to keep them updated on what’s hot right now, as well as what’s set to explode. So, to help you stay one step ahead, our Tribe Brand Associates share their 2022 nail trend predictions…


Micro Art

There was a time when nail art was anything but mainstream, but now there are thousands of Insta accounts dedicated to this genre alone. Micro art has further propelled adornification of the nail into pop culture and according to Chelsea Barker, “the mini hearts, flowers, eyes, stars and more that we saw in 2021 are set to be a staple in 2022.” The possibilities are endless, and this look is all about subtle fun that anyone can wear to elevate their mani. So, Chelsea suggests painting nails nude to let your artwork truly pop.





90’s Grunge 

When it comes to fashion, 90’s grunge is set to make a comeback this year, but what does that mean for our nails? “We are going to be seeing a lot more dark colours, like blacks, browns and crimson reds – even once winter is far behind us,” shares Farah Al Sasa. We’re also going to see “grungy dark French manicure looks too,” adds Farah. Think mixed textured black looks where the length of the nail is painted in a matte black with a glossy black tip or vice versa. As well as short nails with a micro-French in black, brown, or dark blue – ideal for clients who want to rock a short nail or have to due to breakage. 

“If I have a client who wants to use a dark polish, it's even more important that the base I use is of a good quality so that it works as a barrier between the colour and the nail. This helps avoid staining of the nail. But alongside that, rather than cleaning up the edges and wiping polish off the skin at the end of the painting process, it's best to use a small, angled brush dipped in a little acetone and work it around the cuticle and side walls to remove any polish touching the skin as you go, to stop staining in its tracks,” explains Farah.






Glitter Explosion

The thought of glitter can often conjure up images of messy art projects at primary school and tweenagers who love sparkles. However, as you probably know, glitter when done right is anything but childish. And it’s not just for Christmas. “The festive season might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to dim the shine on your nails,” shares Mateja Novaković – and we couldn’t agree more. Reflective glitter has been having a major moment of late and that will continue throughout the course of 2022. But any glitter works when it comes to on-trend nails, and Mateja shares that for the most grown-up glitter looks, “try glitter tips, negative space looks, glitter all over, sheer washes, and fades.” To get an adequate concentration of glitter on to the nail, Mateja recommends trying a sponge. “Paint the edge of a makeup sponge with a hefty dose of glitter polish, then dab the sponge over your clients nails as many times as you need to cover the nail, leaving no visible gaps.” And if you’re working with gel, “after you’ve applied the glitter, paint a thicker layer of clear gel over the nail, before a top coat. We call this a strengthening layer. It encapsulates the glitter tip or art so there is no “bump” when looking at the nail from the side, it also stops glitter from fading (especially French tips) and it adds dimension.”






Long Almond Nails

Slender on the sides with tapered tips, the almond-shaped nail is believed to be the chicest nail shape there is. This style elongates the nail bed, helping nails appear narrower by giving the illusion of extra length. So, it’s little wonder that this shape is probably already one of your most requested, and this won’t change anytime soon. In fact, according to, Nenah Green, “the almond shape nail will become even more prevalent as it allows for your clients to rock a range of looks, whether they have natural nails or acrylics.”






Barely There

“Nudes, and sheer washes that give a natural minimalist feel will also reign supreme this year,” shares Jade Rukmin. But this is where your manicure skills have to be on point, as the subtleness of a skin matching nude, sheer creamy wash or a light pink means there is nothing to distract clients from all the other elements that make up the perfect mani. But with your skills and our tools we’re confident you’ll ace this look in 2022. Jade favours a cuticle remover gel to soften the cuticles, “as this makes it much easier to push them back using my black contoured cuticle tool. I then use the dual ended pusher to scrape off and remove any dead skin off of the nail plate. I would only advise cutting the keratinised proximal nail fold if there is any, as it is very easy to over nip, and each clients cuticles are different. And to keep nails looking neater for longer, I always advise clients to use cuticle oil at least once a day, as this should stop cuticles becoming thick and hard.



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