You have the idea, you have the space and you certainly have the passion and skill. 

But you don’t have the name!

If wondering how to name your beauty business has left you stuck in the mud when it comes to starting then let us help you. 

I’m Rachel - writer for Tribe Tools and co-founder of over 5 start ups. I have come up with creative, unique ideas for each!

I’m going to go through my top tips for coming up with a catchy name for your beauty business with my go to, never failed, method. 

So let’s dive right in on how I would go about naming a beauty business. 

Mind Map

Remember in school you used to write something in the middle then do lines coming off it with lots of different words? Do this! On paper, by hand. 

I feel most inspired when I’m somewhere new, like a coffee shop, so head to somewhere that inspires you. Maybe its your kitchen, maybe it’s the beach. 

Take your pen and paper and write ‘my beauty business’ in the middle then write down anything that pops into your head about your business. 

This could be anything from colours, to how you want your customer to feel when they walk in, to the service you offer. Get it all down, don’t think about spelling or handwriting. 

Then put it away for a day. Go back to it the next day with a fresh mind and pick out some key words, common themes and anything you find interesting. 

Write down these words and see what goes together.

For example you may end with words like ‘natural, vegan, calm’ or words like ‘queen, diamond, glamour’

All of this will tell you the feel you are going for with your brand. 

Draft some names

From this put together around 5 names you like. 

If you’re computer savvy knock up some mock ups of what the business names would look like above a salon and send them to as many people as you can to get feedback. Even if you aren’t sure on the names, it doesn’t matter. 

Feedback may inspire THE perfect name! 

Keep track of the ones that are getting the thumbs up the most, chances are this is the catchy name that you should name your beauty business. 

Think about spellings

I work on a freelance basis with a lot of business and I will tell you one thing I have learnt over the years and that is to NEVER pick a business name people might struggle to spell (or remember actually)

Make sure it is something that is easy to say, spell and remember. This will be invaluable to your business and a top tip to think about when naming your beauty business.

While you might think using your name in your business name is a good idea, it’s not if you’re always having to spell it out to people. 

If you type it into your phone and it gives you an autocorrect to something else then chances are it will do this one everyones phone, that’s the sign of  bad name that people won’t be able to spell. 

Make sure it’s unique 

For legal reasons you don’t want to pick a name only to discover that someone else is already using it. Once you have come up with some ideas you like, google it and search through at least 6 pages of results, don’t just glance at the top 3. 

Also put the names into a ‘domain checker’ to make sure the domain is available, even if you don’t want to have a website you should still own the domain and it will tell you if it is unique. 

Google ‘domain checker’ and put the names in. You want to make sure and .com are available. No one wants .biz or .org - that won’t be a good look for your beauty brand. 

If you like the name and it’s available, don’t sleep on it. I have regretted not getting a domain more times than I care to remember, it’s surprising just how many other people are doing the same as you! It’s usually about £10-20 a year for a domain so if you like the name, grab the domain (if that rhyme doesn’t stick in your head, I don’t know what will)

Think Big

You may be small now, but think big. Imagine one day you’re huge with a chain of salons, is this the name you want? 

If you have thought carefully about how to name your beauty business then hopefully you love it, it’s catchy and memorable. If your business goes well this could be with you for the next 20 years.

So, there we go! My go to method for naming a business. 

To Sum Up:

How to name your beauty business

  • Mind Map
  • Draft some names
  • Think about spellings
  • Make sure it’s unique 
  • Think Big
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