Nothing quite compares…⁠ ⁠

Ritual Hand & Nail care is on a different level as far as professional beauty products. The glass packaging continues to reinforce our sustainable ethos along with the eagerly awaited refill options coming in spring 2023. ⁠ ⁠

Our Tribe founder, Lola was frustrated by the lack of premium professional Hand Care that were kind to sensitive skin types. She wanted to stop wasting time, energy and investment on products that were not living up to her expectations - so she decided to create her own.

Lola herself suffered from dry skin and eczema, forever having the challenge of using Salon rated products, but suffering the consequences of what those products did to her own skin every day she was using them. After her frustrations finally ran out, she created Ritual from scratch. Testing the product on her own very sensitive skin, she was able to identify not just what worked well to achieve a Salon experience and result, but created products that were good for the skin in the longer term. She eventually went on to use them on her daughter's skin who also suffered from eczema - and the transformation was something Lola herself found hard to believe.

She had finally created what she had continually been looking for, professional Hand Care which delivers salon results. However, was made entirely of natural ingredients and therefore suitable for those with sensitive skin. Lola and her team had finally managed to create what they had always championed… luxury doesn't need to be fuelled with many harsh ingredients, layered on top of each other.

Another key focus for the Tribe team was creating a collection which was completely fragrance-free. Knowing it wasn't good for the skin to be bombarded with layer upon layer of fragrances - this prerequisite was a non-negotiable during production. Therefore, Ritual is completely clean and fragrance-free. Adding to the skin types it can be used upon.

It is no surprise that the Ritual collection is loved not just by your clients but by our beauty professionals that love it too. Professionals are using certain products all day long, and it is a credit to the Ritual Collection that they too feel the benefit of using this rich and luxurious collection all day, every day.

But that isn't all. We are going to make this collection a Salon favourite for even more reasons as Spring 2023 will see the launch of the Ritual Refills. One of the many ways the Tribe community is working to create a stronger positive impact on the working of Salons across the country. Not only will you be buying fewer products but you will now have the option to reduce the amount of waste you are producing when throwing away the finished containers.

We can not wait to be sharing more of the Ritual Refill collection next month - but for now, shop the Ritual Collection HERE

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