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Gold Edition Professional Brow Tool Kit

Handcrafted stainless steel TRIBE professional Brow Tool-Kit with a protective titanium coating that increases tool life, prevents rusting, and forms a barrier against bacteria providing stellar hygiene standards and safety for both you and your client.  

The Tribe Brow Tool-Kit contains five handcrafted and curated must-have staples for every Brow Artists kit, including: 

Straight Scissors | Robust, enhanced durability and control ergonomic handles for advanced performance. 

Dual Brow Tool | Waxing, tinting and more. The dual ended brow tool features grip control design, with smooth contouring for easy application of product. 

Point Tweezer | Perfectly aligned hand-filed, sharp tapered pin point blades enable you to grasp extremely fine and short hairs ideal for ingrown hairs. 

Angled Tweezer | Hand-filed featuring a bevelled tip to position against the brow bone, perfectly aligned to ensure a firm grip to remove hairs at the root. With spring tension, removes unwanted hairs effortlessly

Straight Tweezer | hand-filed perfectly aligned. A flat tip enables more hairs to be grasped at once, ideal for thick coarse hair.

TOOL CARE | After each use, dust away debris and wipe thoroughly using a CLEAN Antimicrobial Disinfectant Wipe and dry with the CLEAN dry cloth to prevent rusting.

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