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Gold Cuticle Nipper

Handcrafted stainless steel TRIBE professional Nail Tools for manicures and pedicures featuring a protective titanium coating that increases tool life, prevents rusting, and forms a barrier against bacteria providing stellar hygiene standards and safety for both you and your client. 


Cuticle Nipper | hand-filed ultra-thin 4mm sharp blades and pointed tips designed to avoid snagging or tearing cuticles with advanced precision. Double spring action handles ensure only the slightest pressure is needed for smooth trimming.

Also available as part of a Professional Nail Tool- Kit


TOP-TIP 💡 | To protect the alignment and precision of your Nippers never fully expand and open them, always keep them protected. 

TOOL CARE | After each use, dust away debris and wipe thoroughly using a CLEAN Antimicrobial Disinfectant Wipe and dry with the CLEAN dry cloth to prevent rusting.

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