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Silver Contoured Cuticle Tool

Handcrafted stainless steel TRIBE professional Nail Tools for manicures and pedicures featuring a protective titanium coating that increases tool life, prevents rusting and forms a barrier against bacteria providing stellar hygiene standards and safety for both you and your client. 


Contoured Cuticle Tool | Hand-filed thin contoured cuticle tool to push back and gently exfoliate the cuticle from the nail plate creating a longer-looking nail bed with a perfectly cleaned cuticle area. designed so that only the slightest pressure is needed, contoured round to fit into the corners with ease and precision. 


TOP-TIP 💡 | Use a circular motion to encourage the dead cuticle to lift from the nail bed with ease. A great tool for pedicure prep. 

TOOL CARE | After each use, dust away debris and wipe thoroughly using a CLEAN Antimicrobial Disinfectant Wipe and dry with the CLEAN dry cloth to prevent rusting.

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