Meet our Tribe

Meet our Tribe

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   Farah Al Sasa aka Nails By Fifi 

   South-West London

How did you get started in the beauty industry? 

I started my professional nail tech journey in 2020, after six years working as a pattern cutter in the fashion industry. I’ve always loved getting my hair done professionally, and going for regular facials, but when it came to my nails I always did them at home myself. I’d learnt early on from my mother how a manicure could make you feel ‘put-together’ and help you feel and look like the best version of yourself. Her hair and nails were always immaculate, and so my nails were always a priority to me and started doing my own from around the age of 16.


I’d always get complemented for my nails, and as the years went by I thought maybe I could actually do this for a living. So, I started practicing more at home and looking into courses and just before the first lockdown I plucked up the courage and signed up to a level 2 course in Nail Technology and that was the start of my nail tech career. 

What makes your work stand out?

“I have NEVER had cuticles that look this clean and tidy before,” has to be the most common and rewarding feedback I hear. I really take pride in prepping nails pre paint work, as while nail art, cool painting techniques and on-trend colours are the fun part, how good your nails look at the end, and in the days to follow is impacted massively by your actual manicure. 

What’s your beauty philosophy? 

I’m a huge advocate of staying true to yourself – in life this means not compromising on my values, and when it comes to beauty, I believe that self-love, self-care and embracing your natural beauty is what leads to being the most content with yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t colour your hair or wear acrylics for example, but for me tweaks over major transformations is my beauty philosophy.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by so many things, the people around me, other nail techs, fashion, and my mood has a major impact on my own personal nail designs too. I think inspiration can be taken from anything and made into something that is unique to yourself or your client and I really enjoy collaborating with my clients and helping them develop their ideas. 

What do you love about TRIBE? 

For me TRIBE is probably one of the most inclusive and diverse nail brands I have come across. Before becoming a TRIBE Brand Associate, the team would always interact with me via social, responding to my stories, posts and really creating a relationship. I loved that, it was so supportive and made me feel like I was seen and appreciated by such a cool brand. TRIBE has time for everyone! When I was approached to be a TRIBE BA I was totally blown away and so honoured to be asked to be a part of the brand. Being so new to the industry I was suffering with a dose of imposter syndrome, and this just gave me so much confidence in myself as a nail tech.

What’s your favourite Tribe tool and why?

The contoured cuticle tool is by far my favourite TRIBE tool. It’s the first and most important stage in prep work. The contoured curve in the tool is just perfect for gently pushing back the non-living tissue without causing trauma to the cuticle or nail plate. It’s perfectly rounded too, making it easy to use – what else can I say, it’s just amazing on all cuticles!

What do you enjoy about your job? 

I love the final stage of the manicure. In some jobs it’s hard to measure success, but every time I finish a clients nails and see the perfect manicured nails in front of me it brings me so much joy. 

I’m also incredibly shy and so I’ve really appreciated how this job has helped me come out of my shell. I’m really enjoying meeting new people and learning about their lives, and cultures, and I’ve gained so much confidence in the process. 

What advice would you give to people starting out in the beauty?  

First and foremost, make sure you invest in yourself. Seek out the best training (and never stop learning) and the best products to use on your clients - your skill and quality tools combined is what will keep clients coming back to you. And most importantly be patient. It takes time to build your own niche and client base, but consistency in all things is key – so keep practicing always – you never know what a client will ask for when they walk through your door, so do your best to be prepared.

What are your future goals? 

All I can say is watch this space! 

When you’re not working what are you usually up to?

Well, I’m obsessed with cheese! I love discovering new varieties, so I spend a lot of time eating the stuff. There is nothing better than a cheese board, paired with a good bottle of wine. 

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