How To Grow Your Beauty Business Instagram Profile

How To Grow Your Beauty Business Instagram Profile

Beauty is big on Instagram, it's fascinating watching people do intricate nail art of big bouncy blow dries. But if you’re not really ‘into Instagram’ you might find it difficult to come up with creative content ideas for your page, and it may leave you wondering how you’ll ever grow your beauty business Instagram profile. 

I’m Lola, the Founder of Tribe Tools and I have grown our Instagram page (and others!) over the years. I want to share with you some of the best ways to grow your beauty business Instagram profile, and the good news is, they’re all pretty easy to do!

First of all, make sure you have an Instagram account! It’s easy to set up, and can do wonders for your business. It’s also a great way to attract new clients to your salon so it’s totally worthwhile!

Utilise Reels to grow your beauty business on Instagram 

Reels on instagram are going nowhere, and they are the easiest way to grow right now. If you don't know, they are short videos of pretty much anything. To grow your beauty business on instagram you can use reels to show off pretty much any of your services. From a timelapse of a fresh set of acrylics to before and after videos of your clients hair - there is so much you can do. 

Get your staff to have some fun with it! If you are worried about your grid being aesthetically pleasing then just click ‘remove from grid’ so your reels only show up on your reels tab.

Hashtags are important to grow your beauty business Instagram

Using the right hashtags is really important, and you can use up to 30 per post. This helps more people find your instagram page. Make sure they are relevant to what you post and someone who is interested in what you’re doing is sure to follow. 

Search for a hashtag generator and try to go for a mix of hashtags. Some that have lots of content attached to them and some with less. 

Add a location to your Instagram post

Adding a location to a post every time means it shows up when someone searches that location on Instagram. This is really important for growing your beauty business Instagram profile but also for helping you find clients in your local area. 

Occasionally you can put your salon in the location but it's actually more beneficial to just put the area, since not many people will be searching for your salon, and if they are there is a high chance they already follow you and know about you. 

…and don't forget to add a location to stories

On the subject of location, did you know you can add a location to your stories too? You can make it quite small, you don't need to make a big thing of adding it, but it can then make your story show up when people search that location.  

Everything is content when growing a beauty Instagram page

If you aren’t sure what to post or where to start, just remember that everything is content! People love behind the scenes footage and seeing what you get up to as much as they love seeing the services you provide! Sharing lots of content is really key to growing your beauty business on Instagram, even if you think your day to day life is boring! 

Show case the tools you use...

If you’re using the best tools, like our lash tools or nail tools, you’re going to want to show them off! Give your followers a tour and show them what you use, how you do it and what it’s for! For someone who is not in the beauty industry but interested in beauty, it can be really fascinating! 

Providing value to your Instagram followers is really important 

If you are providing educational, inspirational and great content your followers will increase easily. You are the expert, and they want to see what you have to say, so tell them. Be a leader in your field and share your knowledge via reels, grid posts or stories. 

You don’t have to get behind the camera to share your knowledge (although people do love this!) you can use voice overs as you film a hairstyle, or simply put captions over a video. 

Run a giveaway to grow your beauty business Instagram 

Giveaways are a great way to grow your followers on Instagram as you can offer one of your services as the prize, so it only costs you your time. You will reach new people if you get your followers to tag friends in the comments or share to their Instagram story. 

Make it pretty

Last but not least, you’re in the beauty industry so to grow your Instagram page you are going to want to consider how it looks. People are far more likely to follow an Instagram page if it is aesthetically pleasing, fill it with amazing nails art or beautiful sets of lashes and the followers will come flooding in. 

To Sum up: How To Grow Your Beauty Business On Instagram

Have fun with reels

Use hashtags 

Everything is content 

Showcase the tools you use

Add location to all posts 

Provide value

Run giveaways 

Make it pretty

And that’s it, my tried and tested ways of growing a beauty business instagram page. If you want to check ours out you can follow Tribe Tools here 

Good luck growing your account! 

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