Tribe founder Lola Ricketts on how to succeed

Tribe founder Lola Ricketts on how to succeed

Having owned a number of nail salons, and helped launch many more as a consultant before she’d even hit 25 – there’s one thing nail tech and beautician Lola knows, and that’s the business of beauty. Here she shares her top 5 tips to achieving success…


Be yourself

Be your true authentic self has not been the easiest lesson I’ve learnt, but definitely the most beneficial.

If for example, you find that some clients don’t return and you feel it may be because they didn't warm to you, don’t worry it’s fine. Just remember, as quickly as that person leaves, another will come along who will warm to you, and the same can be said in most situations where people are concerned.

Of course, you want to practice good customer service, and you might have a work persona that is different to what you’re like at home or with friends, but never feel like you have to alter who you are at your core.


Just do it!

Instead of worrying whether you’re doing the right thing, which leads you to never get anything started – just do it! I have always been an act first, fix after kinda girl. Personally, this has served me well, as so much time an energy is wasted stressing over how to proceed. Yes, you might sink, but it’s likely you’ll learn some great lessons that will help with your next endeavour. And, if you swim, you will reach new levels of understanding of yourself and your business, and hopefully enjoy the process.


Take a break

Providing treatments and chatting with clients all day can be physically and emotionally draining, especially as some clients like to ‘offload’ during an appointment. As beauty pros we understand this comes with the territory, but it’s important to take time for yourself during your work day. I have always tried to disconnect while working in salon environments by physically removing myself during my breaks and going for a little walk. The fresh air, daylight and ability to move after hours seated indoors has always helped me recentre myself, and clear my energy so to speak.


Set small goals

I break my big goals down into manageable bite-size goals. This helps me feel less overwhelmed by the enormity of my big picture goals and helps me work my way towards them without getting flustered. I write down my main goal, then everything that needs to be done to achieve this goal and then I get to work on each one of my to do items. These are my small goals. Then I create a checklist of things to do for each small goal and tick them off as I go. This method keeps me organised and always gets the job done.


Bank your ideas

I have ideas around the clock so I always keep a notepad (or the notes app on my phone) handy. I get down new concepts and things that have sparked my interest even if I know I can’t do anything with them at the time. I never let a good idea go to waste, but I also understand that while having fresh, new ideas is brilliant you don’t need to pursue every single one the moment you have them.

Timing is everything!


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