As we have just celebrated our 2nd birthday our ambition and drive are still the very same as when we first launched Tribe…to work towards creating a more inclusive beauty industry.

We see it as a privilege to be building the Tribe brand. Lola, our founder says “to work day to day doing what I love to do, and working towards a goal aligned with my core values is amazing. It means everything to me because I am passionate about supporting people who struggle to be seen and heard”

Having celebrated another year in business, where do we see Tribe over the next few years? Simple, we are striving to be a brand that is considered an ethically conscious brand that doesn't just consider the “business” but is passionately focused on the communities and people who build up the everyday channels of the beauty industry.

Yes, we plan to bring you undeniable quality within the tools and products that we create. We will never shy away from continually working with our supplies to bring next-level and intuitive options to the professionals that we support.

But we are more than a product-based business. We are working hard to be the voice of the unspoken within the industry. We want to shine a light on those working hard as beauty professionals; as creatives, technicians, stylists industry experts and sometimes therapists too! who are running salons to serve their clients within their community.

You will see Tribe grow from strength to strength over the next few years - never shifting its focus from those core values. Our Tribe community has been at the centre of what we do for 2 years and they will continue to be the driving force for many years to come.

Tribe is more than professional tools, it’s a movement. We are the voice of the quiet and will continue to challenge the beauty industry every year to come.

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