How To Rent Out Space In Your Beauty Salon

How To Rent Out Space In Your Beauty Salon

renting out space in a beauty salon

How To Rent Out Space In Your Beauty Salon

There could be many reasons you’re thinking about renting out space in your beauty salon, from rising bills to wanting to offer another beauty service to your clients; we take a look at the pros and cons of renting a room or a little bit of space in your salon. 

Just to be clear; renting a room, chair or space in your salon is different from employing someone. This means you offer a space where someone can deliver a service to their own customers. 

Pro | Save On Bills 

This is obviously the big one and probably the main reason you may look to rent out a space in your beauty salon. Getting help towards bills such as rent, rates and electricity will make your salon more profitable as your outgoings will come down. 

If you have been working alone for a long time too, it can actually be nice to have someone else around to chat finances with and think about other ways you could save money in your salon. 

If they’re self employed they’ll probably come with experience too. If you’ve struggled with bills and finances alone for a while, it could feel like a weight off your shoulders being able to talk to someone about it, who has a vested interest.


Pro | Share Tools And Equipment 

renting space beauty salon

Professional, high-quality tools aren’t cheap and we know you know that investing in the right tools to do your job is important. But we all have that one tool that we don't need too often, that we haven't invested in as it doesn't seem worth it. 

If you share your salon space the other person may have that exact tool you need, that you could borrow occasionally, and visa versa. 

Renting the space in your beauty salon out to someone with a different skill set means you could have some really nice professional tools available to use occasionally, and in return, you can lend yours out. 

We offer a wide range of tools at Tribe Pro Tools from nails to eyebrow and lash tools, stock up on high-quality equipment and share with someone!


Pro | Offer New Services

Renting out a space or room in your salon could be a really good way to offer your clients services they often ask you for. This could mean they end up coming to your salon even more. When interviewing people for the space make sure they work in an area that you don’t, so it will really add value to your salon. 

For example, if you’re clients are always asking for HD brows but you only do lashes and nails, search for a brow specialist. It could have a hugely positive impact on your business.

renting out space in beauty salon

Con | You Can’t Tell Them What To Do

Renting out a space in your beauty salon is different to having an employee. They are self-employed and therefore, technically, you can’t tell them what to do. You can ask, politely, if they would mind following your salon protocol of wearing all black or using a certain product but they don’t have to agree. 

You also can’t tell them what hours they should work, so if they only want to come in 2 days a week and keep odd hours, they can do that. 

Con | Your Reputation Could Be Harmed 

Following on from above, if they turn out to be bad at their job you can’t fire them or even give a disciplinary. This could have a negative impact on your reputation and stop your clients coming to you. 

Make sure you check the reviews of the person you are thinking of renting a space out in your beauty salon to, and see if they have similarly high standards to you. 

We actually can see more pros than cons on renting out a space in your beauty salon, it could be a really interesting way to grow your business and save money. Make sure you think about it carefully and have all the right contracts in place using professional legal bodies and it could be a lot of fun!

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