We’re your girl, your ride or die! That fun, energetic, day one bestie.

We’re light-hearted, but fierce and knowledgeable.

We’re the one you can always count on. We just get it, we get you.

We love aesthetic, luxury, and we’re a vibe! We want to be included, hate being left out, but are always on chill. We feel your energy, we like trends, and we respect well-being, healing, inner peace.

Our playlist consists of 90’s RnB, soul, afro beats, hip hop faves and rap classics.

You're going to love it here.



We believe that good quality products should be available to all, which is why we prioritise community over profit, and offer the highest quality products at affordable prices. Our standards for developing the best products rests on precision, durability, functionality, and creating products that are built to last.


Your success is our success. We pride ourselves on disrupting the status quo, and we can’t do it without our Tribe. We’re not exclusive, but rather inclusive, and we aim to nurture, support and champion our community by giving you all of the tools that you need to thrive.


Inclusivity is part of our brands DNA. We want to make everyone feel seen and heard. We realise the importance of creating a space where professionals and consumers a like feel welcome, and like they’re part of something bigger. We want to learn as well as teach, and hope to level the playing field within the beauty industry.


I love the beauty industry, as a consumer and as a professional. Always have, always will.

Whilst trying to find professional tools and products, I felt frustrated that
I couldn’t relate to the brands currently on offer. I wanted to feel part of a community, a group that I could relate to. Sure, they offered aesthetic tools, beautifully packaged and instagrammable, but I just couldn’t connect with them as a brand, and our relationships with brands as consumers are far deeper than just a cash exchange. We really have to feel them. That’s when I began to build my own brand; one that is truly for everyone. A community that puts diversity front and centre.
I’d love for to you join us, and be part of a Tribe making a difference.