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10 questions with Nail Technician, Nenah Isabella Cintron Green, 24

How did you get started in the beauty industry? 

At 17 I went to beauty college and had a particular interest in the spa aspect of beauty therapy. I had planned to qualify in massage and facials, but while studying I worked at a salon on the weekends and discovered that I really enjoyed that environment and working with gel. Eventually I went full time at the salon and then in 2019 I decided to work for myself under the moniker of ‘Nailtrap’.


What makes your work stand out? 

I’m all about the details, so while my style has changed over the years my precise manicure work hasn’t. It’s the foundation of well-maintained nails and I think this is why my clients keep coming back. 


What’s your beauty philosophy?

Working in the beauty industry can be tricky. You’re constantly meeting new people with very different personalities, and you might find that you try to change and bend to the will of others, and this can become mentally exhausting at times. However, meeting new people can also bring about new friendships and opportunities. That’s why when it comes to working in beauty my philosophy is to always be yourself. If you do that you’ll find that those around you, from peers, colleagues and clients are the kind of people you’re happy to surround yourself with. 


What inspires you?

Being a part of such a huge beauty and nail community truly inspires me, sometimes it's daunting to try and keep up, but it also pushes me forward to keep getting better. And the fact that I am my own boss and am able to make my own schedule enabling me to work around my son, and live a ‘balanced’ life inspires me too.


What do you love about Tribe?

I love that Tribe is totally unique and that it’s creating a real community, which no other brand in the industry is currently doing. You feel like you’re part of something when you purchase and engage with the brand, and it’s not just about sales either, it’s a brand that you know wants to see you and all those in its community grow. It’s a real honour to have been noticed by Tribe and to be a part of the Brand Associates team. 


What’s your favourite Tribe tool and why?

When I work one of my main focuses is to leave my clients cuticles in immaculate shape, it’s what makes or breaks a manicure. Which is why I can’t live without the Cuticle Pusher. It’s easy to use, feels comfortable even when I’ve been working all day, and makes my job that much easier. 


What do you enjoy about your job?

Despite working for myself, I still work within a salon so I love that I still get to work with others. And I’m lucky enough to work at a salon where the women there are independent, and inspiring. I’m also really grateful for the online beauty community I’m part of - it’s vast and there are so many people who I admire. It also gives me a kick to know that my clients always leave my mani station feeling better than when they arrived. 


What advice would you give to people starting out in the beauty industry?  

Take your time to perfect those all-important pillar stones of a great manicure and once you have those down, just go for it! Don’t take too long worrying about how to get where you want to be – just put yourself out there, grab opportunities where you can and trust the process. 


What are your future goals?

I started The Nailtrap Academy that provides fully GIA accredited courses for aspiring nail techs. So, I’m dedicated to growing that and finding a workspace in the future. I’m also passionate about becoming the best version of myself personally and professionally – that means establishing my own unique nail style by way of further training.


When you’re not working what are you usually up to?

I love to travel, but wherever I go or whatever I’m doing I’m always looking for creative inspiration.

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