7 Easy & Engaging Instagram Reel Ideas For Salons

7 Easy & Engaging Instagram Reel Ideas For Salons

Creative burnout when running an Instagram account is very, very real. Staying on top of interesting daily posts as well as running a salon can be tricky, to say the least. 

We’ve come up with 7 easy and engaging Instagram reel ideas for salons, one for each day of the week. You can use these on rotation so you have an idea of what to post for each day of the week.

In this blog we take a look at these easy Instagram reel ideas for salons one at a time, and give you ideas about how you can re-purpose each topic. 

Showcase the tools you use

Excuse us for putting this one first, but if you are using the best tools out there (like Tribe Tools), you’ll want to shout about it. 

Using high-quality professional tools is important, so you can offer the best service possible and keep your customers happy. 

So let your customers know that you invest in the best tools, and show them what they are and how you use them. You may be surprised by how many of your customers are fascinated by how to use facial tools or what the best professional tool is for cuticles. 

So how can you use this easy reel idea for salons every day?

Make Monday the day you showcase a tool.

Show your audience:

  • What it is
  • How you use it
  • Tell them why it’s the best
  • Show the results

Need more tools? Shop Tribe here. 

Meet the team 

People buy from people so get your team on camera as much as you can. People can get to know your team, learn to recognise the faces and feel connected to your salon - even from the comfort of their own sofa. 

If you have a large team then you can do meet the team for each team member and they could say their name, how long they've worked for the salon and their favourite treatment - for example. 

Some of you reading this will have a small team, or maybe even be just you. That’s perfectly fine, you can still do a meet-the-team reel. 

The best way to do this with a small team is to answer different questions. One day you could do a ‘day in the life’ and another answer common questions you get about your service. 

Some of the funniest reels of ‘meet the team’ I have seen is when solo founders show themselves doing everything from cleaning, to providing the service to the admin - solo salon owners will know this struggle!

Make Tuesday your ‘meet the team’ day. Your team can:

  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Talk about a beauty service you have had recently
  • Explain your role at the salon
  • Even sharing things like the coffee you all drink and what you ate for lunch can be interesting to people!

How We Started V Where We Are Now

People love to see how you’ve grown over the years, especially if they’ve been a customer for a while. Even new customers like it because they can clearly see you are committed to offering a great service, if you have managed to grow. 

Don't be afraid to use videos and photos for the ‘how we started’ that aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as you normally would share. This is a really easy and engaging reel idea for a salon as you just need to show a few pictures or videos from when you started and a couple of what you are doing now. 

Almost all of the time people will watch this reel until the end, as they will be curious. This is great for engagement. 

Make Wednesday the day you share something you used to do, that has changed.

  • A new service you offer
  • Some tools you have upgraded (need to upgrade? Shop here)
  • Interior you have changed
  • A small team versus a larger team (if it has grown)

Before & After Client Videos

If you’re always snapping away doing before and after pictures it’s time to up your game. It’s such an easy reel idea for a salon because you already pretty much do this, you’re just using photos. Swap the pics for videos and you have so much content for reels. 

Add a trending sound, a little bit of text simply saying ‘before’ and ‘after’ and it's another engaging reel idea for a salon because almost everyone will watch until the end to see the transformation. 

Make Thursday the day you share clients before and after pictures. Don’t forget to tag your client! If you are looking for ways grow your beauty business on instagram you should read this blog too. 

Timelapse The Service You Offer

Invest in a small tripod and this is a really easy reel idea for salons to do, for almost any service. 

Most iPhones have something called ‘timelapse’ which condenses a 30-minute procedure into about 30 seconds. It's so fascinating to watch, and really easy to do. 

Make Friday the day you ask a client if you can record on a timelapse, there are lots of ways you could do this without getting their face in (if they would rather not). It’s also a great way to show off the tools you're using too, so your followers can see you use the best!

Need new tools? Shop Tribe Tools here

Show Your Salon Interior

It may seem boring to you, as you see it every day, but to others it can be really interesting. 

Try showing off what you use to organise your tools, show ‘behind the scenes’ in the kitchen or show something new you’ve got recently. If you have window displays, film yourself changing them or just walking past and using a trending audio.

Make Saturday the day you show your salon interior for an easy and engaging reel idea for your salon. 

Share Your Values 

Only use cruelty free products? Talk about this. Follow a vegan diet? Tell people! Have a charity pot in the salon? Tell people why you support that charity. Chances are you have a value that will align with your audience. This will really draw them to your brand.

If you read our blog on ways to make your salon more sustainable then this is perfect for this easy reel idea. Showcase eco swaps you are making and explain the positive impact this could have on the environment. 

Make Sunday the day you share a value. This one is perfect for a ‘talking to the camera’ reel. Don’t worry if you aren’t confident to do this easy reel idea, you can always use a voice over or text on screen. Or use it as a chance to practise talking to the camera, people really do love it!

So that's it! 7 easy and engaging reel ideas for your salon that should keep you busy every single day!

To Sum Up:

  1. Showcase the tools you use
  2. Meet the team
  3. How we started V where we are now
  4. Before and after client videos 
  5. Timelapse of the service you offer
  6. Salon Interior
  7. Share your values
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