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Handcrafted stainless steel TRIBE professional Facial Tool Kit with a protective Titanium coating that increases tool life, prevents rusting, and forms a barrier against bacteria providing stellar hygiene standards and safety for both you and your client. 

The Tribe Facial Tool Kit contains six handcrafted and curated must-have staples for every facialist and Esthetician kit, including: 

Pinpoint & Eye Loop Multi-Tool | Fine pinpoint tool with a small loop to extract Milia.

Ingrown Hair Tweezer | Remove stubborn hairs under the skin with the straight two-point prong for ease of use.

Curved Hook Tweezer | Tensioned tweezer body and perfectly aligned curved tips provide a safe and effective way to pinch, pick up, and pull out blackheads effectively and gently from the skin.

Loop Dual Tool | Small and large Flat looped dual-ended extractor tool. The smaller end removes whiteheads and the larger end removes blackheads without damaging the skin.

Hook & Loop Multi-Tool | Multi-tasking tool to extract blackheads effectively and safely without any damage to your skin.

Angled Eye Dual Tool | Specially designed to roll over whiteheads to release trapped sebum.

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